Hi Everyone!  I am very excited!!!! As some of you know, I had to replace the payment service/buy now buttons (to learn about that go here,) so because if this change, I decided to update her look!!   l spent the last few months adding up the buy now buttons and also re-vamping GGW's look . I hope you all like it!




Unfortunately I wasn't able get to use the old cartoon GGW, girl in the wheelchair logo, it just doesn't match the new look of the site. I am not an artist and wasn't able to re-create one but I really want able to update it to go along with the new look of the site...Plus I wanted to have a tattoo done of it as well so I am looking for something really awesome! So this is what the contest is all about!!


Here is the logo I am referring to and wanting to update:



My Ideas for changes:


I am having a contest to have an updated version of this logo to be created for GGW. I want it to be similar to the original, but with more of a sexy fantasy look to it, to have way longer hair (maybe in a cool red or brown with hi-lights color) and a cooler looking wheelchair, and also I would like it not to be as cartoonish as the original, and the colors of the logo itself to be red and purple. I am also looking for a male one to go along with her, maybe a hot guy on crutches or something to that affect to sit/stand next to the woman; I thought it would be cool to have both since we have both male and female models on GGW.


My contest is asking for those to send in their creations of these logos and the winner(s) will have their design be featured on the main page of GGW, used in advertising (banners, biz cards etc), will receive FULL credit (or be anonymous if they wish) and receive free sets and videos as payment.


So, in order to enter, please send me a message at along with your creation/design. I won't use the design until I have permission, but if you'd like, you may put your link name or some kind of water mark across it to ensure it wont be used anywhere until I have your permission. If I choose your logo, I will let you know and post it on the main page of GGW and send you whichever sets/vids you'd like. I would design this myself, but, I have no artistic ability and cannot afford to hire someone financially, so for those hardcore fans of GGW, I think this could be a win-win scenario.


Looking forward to your designs. 


Disclaimer: any material, art, logos, creations, designs, and/or email address sent to me, will never be redistributed, sold or posted anywhere, nor will any spam be sent out.  That's why I have a twitter page, face book and yahoo group, so all updates can be posted there and people do not receive unsolicited emails


Thank you and Good luck!!






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