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Can you keep a secret?...

 I’ve just started with this and am learning a lot !  I am a 31 yr old paraplegic who has been injured about 7 years now and has put together a ring of successful businesses.  And due to that, I’ve partially hidden my face for obvious reasons.  Let’s just say my businesses aren’t even in the realm of the sex industry.  You could say I live a very “Dr. Jeckyl / Mr. Hyde” lifestyle.  But my aim is to have a little fun (And perhaps a lot!) in this life and so I won’t let my “Dr. Jeckyl” side get in the way!   I enjoy sex games like role play, toys and even some rough stuff!  Maybe in my next gallery I’ll reveal some of that!!   I also enjoy the artistry of my photos so creativity is of great importance to me and I welcome any comments or suggestions!  And through all of this I’ve also found a few new things out about myself – I get really HOT when being photographed nude!  So look for lots more galleries coming your way with many different poses, themes and sexy-fun!  I also would like to put a very different side of the disabled woman out there that would give a better impression.  I AM a very STRONG, INDEPENDENT, SUCCESSFUL, and of course SEXY disabled woman and I still have many different goals in store for this life and will let nothing hold me back!   

****So if having a little secret identity isn’t a bad thing to you, come and look at my pix or even buy one of my prints so I can come home with you!!*****


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