Disability: Paraplegia
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Hey every one what's up? They call me Dragon, cause I have a darker style then most.

I am a Scorpio which is under the house of sex, so I love most every thing to so with the subject and the activity lol...


I am "Paraplegic with a low testosterone level" but with a high sex drive lol... and I have been in a wheel chair since 1995...I was hit by a pick up truck while riding a bike I was 13...I am paralyzed from the waste down "but I still have filling where it counts lol"....


I am in to body modification, tattoos and body piercings, I have 20 piercings and 8 tattoos at the moment and planning for more... I also do tattoos and piercings trying to get the rest of my supply's..


So if you like so far then cum in to my pics and tell me what you think..


Want to know more about me, my disability? Want to contact me, then don't forget to join my club!




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