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Nice to meet you! I am ☆ Infinity May ♡
I'm a RARE, one they say and in my short life I have come to find that that is a very true statement. I like to think of myself as one of a kind. I'm a very different, unique type of person when it comes to my differences. Most of them are invisible and you would never know because I carry myself so well and hold my smile from sunup to sundown. I started modeling when an Acquaintance of mine, mentioned GGW and said I should give it a try. This  equations and I are both impacted by CRS." Sacral Agenesis".  So I'm giving this a GO!
From a young age  I have struggled with knowing that I'm beautiful on the outside even with my physical differences and invisible differences. I also have a wild side and like to have a lot of fun living everyday as if it's the last! I love getting to know new people and exploring the beauty in all aspects of life!


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