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I was born with a deformed left leg, I wore a prosthesis when i was just 4 years old.  When i was 12, i was asked to have my leg amputated to fit a better prothesis.  So i had the deformed leg amputated.  I grew up in a family who didnt treat me any differently from my other siblings.  I learned how to ride a bike, and was very active in school.  I graduated from high school and earned my degree.  i purchased a trike motorcycle and i have it decked out of "hello kitty" all over it.  i dated a devotee when i was younger, and he was an incredible person to introduce me to that world.  And i have met a few devotees who treated me wonderfully and like a lady.  

My life is a busy one, and someone suggested that i do some modeling, because they thought I would enjoy doing it.  So here i am. And would love to meet people all over the world.  Dont hesitate to say hi!!  I will be sure to get back with you!  



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