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I was born in Mexico City.  I was a very happy married woman who worked as secretary and loved her husband, but one day a car accident changed my life for ever, I lost my right leg above the knee. It was almost ten years ago. 

I received support from my husband who was always by my side, but something inside him changed, I know it because we never again had sex after the accident. I got divorced from my him two years later, I think he just can’t stand the fact that now I had only one leg. I fell in a kind of depression and tried to stay at home all the time.


When I decided to rebuild my life I looked for a similar job to the one I had before the accident, after all I only lost my leg, all my abilities were complete and I wanted to do something.  It was really hard but in a few months I found a good job.  Every thing seemed to be wonderful but I started looking something in my boss behavior, he was very nice with me and used to spend a lot of time talking with me.  Every body at the office thought it was a kind of pity.  One day we had to work for late and stayed alone at the office. 


We were sitting very closer and suddenly, he hold my hand and said that I was a very attractive woman to him.  It surprised me because I haven’t heard a man speaking to me this way in more than three years.  I felt something hot inside my hole body and I think he noticed it, but he acted as a gentleman, even shy if I can say it.  He only kissed my lips brieflly but I wanted something else, so a few minutes later we were almost completely undressed making love over his desk.  When we finished I payed special attention to what he can say or feel about my stump, but he never mentioned nothing.  He only told me it was a great experience and that he wanted to know me better, so I thought I had started some kind of relationship.


The next days I found a flower in my place every morning.  When a chance to be alone  finally came again, I asked him something that was in my head for every minute since the other night.  I needed to know what he thought about my disability and if he don’t care it.  Then he made me a confession that froze my blood;  he told me he felt specially attracted to women who have some disability, specially leg amputees.  I just couldn’t believe what I heard.  Something that changed my life in this way and made my life harder, can make it sexually attractive to anyone.  It was my first encounter with a devotee or admirer. 

I’ve found much more devotees than you can imagine and some of them are even good friends.  So now I like to go out the street wearing a tiny skirt, specially when I visit malls with large stairs and there’s no much people.  Almost every time, I can see someone following me all around, sometimes they come to me and start talking about anything.  Other times, a devotee directly tells me he wants to be with me in a lonely place.  All of this is exciting to me! 

Now I have decided to be a model and show the world my body, after all, I know there’s too many people that can find it “interesting”.  Enjoy it


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