: Arthrogryposis 
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Oh heyy, sailors! (all genders please!) I have a lot of names but I love being called baby, bitch, beast, freak, honey, or faggot. I tend to nickname people. I wonder why it is that modeling is not seen as an art form in the same way that the photos themselves, taken by a "photographer" are considered art. Art is an integral part of my survival, it is my brains, my teeth, my nails, my juices tryin get at you, to exalt me, to make fabric and fruit of my dreams. I also model because I'm hot, I'm a brat, I'm a diva. I spend most of my time talking and listening, dancing and singing, drawing and writing, and being touched by sound, color, hands. I have a big ego, but I am also easily impressed. I love earnestness in all creatures so please, send me lovin.


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