Disability: Osteogenesis Imperfecta
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Hello I'm Moonlight. I'm tiny but am aaaaaallllllllllllllll woman. Just a little one *smiles*.   I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, it affects my height and causes my bones to be fragile. I've had about 500 fractures previous to treatments.  I started treatments in 98.. It has changed my life. During the last 5 years I've only had 3 fractures. Before treatments I had 3 per month. What a change! I will never walk but I am no longer bed ridden due to treatments. Which I had been for 5 years previous to it.
Now you can see me zip along the streets in my electric wheelchair LOL I have had 3 surgeries.  The locations of where my scars can found are, on my hip from a bone biopsy, on my left outer thigh (femur) due to orthopedic surgery AND also on my right outer thigh as well as on the knee. Personally I think scars can be quiet sexy *smiles*
I enjoy taking a stroll along the river under the moonlight, as I star gaze and dream of what may be.   I
知 a wild chick who likes to party and will try anything once.   Life is short after all, got to enjoy it.   
I have 3 tattoos.. My first is on my left ankle. Its a heart with a rose going threw it with a little butterfly hovering over it. I got it when I started my treatments. It represents a new beginning AND my love and worship of nature.
My 2nd tattoo is on my right shoulder blade its Chinese for harmony. My 3rd is on my lower back. Its blue and purple. Rather tribal looking.
I enjoy eating, I may be small but I have a big appetite, for many things *grins*.   I like to read and listen to music as well.   
I love to wear leather and lace as well as anything....  unique.  and I will bring YOU to your knees.   Yes I know am naughty *laughs*.  But, you know, you yearn for it, you can not deny that not to yourself!  
These pictures are a glimpse into my world of enigmas and desires, and I truly enjoy sharing them with you!

 Much love,




To learn a little more about moonlight and see some other pics, pics of her as a kid, read her poem and short story, join her club!




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