Disability: Quadriplegia 

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Hi everybody ,

IAM Gwen and transgender and began HRT Treatment and physical transition since 3 Months.

IAM quadriplegic.

I had a car accident in 2011 with many broken bones and spinal cord injury C4-C5 level.

I had many surgery and get many scars and stitches

I hope you will spend good time and enjoy to watch me!!!

I work hard in rehab and already I feel all my body it's so important for me. And for sex so important for me.

I have many fetishism, love different situations and found of sexy women and transgender women.

So I can wait you with dentelle and panties or making you my slave and become your worst Nightmares!



So if you have special request you can ask me and I'll make the rest if possible.

I love cam and making homemade movies, the most important is someone or many people watch me during sex.

So enjoy watch me, my new boobies my clit and my ass...




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