Disability: Stroke, Essential Tremors (hands), Mobility Issues
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Hi, I’m Windflower, aka Mistress Windflower, a disabled semi-retired professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix.  I’m 40, disabled by two strokes in 2003/2004 and although I stand and walk short distances unassisted (as long as I'm not wearing shoes) inside My home, I use forearm crutches when I go out and about; if My balance is particularly poor I use a walker.  I still use My chair on really bad days or if I’m going to be out doing something that would require a lot of walking.  I live with chronic pain from degenerating discs in My neck and back but I rarely let that stop Me from living life to the fullest – after all, I’ve learned how capricious fate can be and life is too damn short to sit around and mope about this hurting or that needing more effort to do!  Besides, bitching and moaning is such a buzzkill and if that’s all you do no one wants to be around you for long.  At only 5’4” I got every short gene in the family gene pool, I have very intense green eyes and look good with blonde, red or black hair (generally not at the same time), which I generally keep short.  I love to travel and have done more since becoming disabled than I did before; six months after I walked ten yards using a walker without stopping I climbed the Great Wall of China!  I’ve been to the UK, Italy – where I literally camped out in a tent in Florence and attended Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square during an absolute deluge – spent a couple of days in Paris and took a road trip 1,000 miles into the Mexican desert because I misread a map!  I refuse to let My disabilities define or limit Me in any way because while I may be disabled I am in no way unable!


I’m currently working on a Master’s Degree in Psychology and after that, I plan to get a doctorate.  I’m a former BBW (I've lost over 180 lbs and kept it off for over 9 years!) and am currently in a size 10, but with a tummy tuck and a little liposuction, I wouldn't be surprised to get down to a 6.  The one place I didn't want to lose weight was My breasts - I went from spilling out of a DD to barely a B and dying for a breast lift and augmentation so I can (finally) have perky tits!


I'm putting together a collection of my stories, both sexual and non-sexual and editing a couple to be more "gimpy" - LOL.  What else can I get you?


To learn about her, her disability etc or email her check out her very DETAILED club page, also see a few generic shots.




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