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If you are currently a model on this site, PLEASE email me, I am updating my address book and lost a lot of email address. I haven't heard from some models in a long time and some no longer respond to old email addresses I have written to...thank you!!


This page will tell you who, what, where, when, why and how 


Who we are:

Moonlight Goddess


GGW is an adult modeling site for disabled and/or short statured (dwarf/ LP) individuals. 


What we are about



This site is all about fun, expression and a humorous way to cope with some of the struggles we face as disabled people.    


 This site is all about having fun and enjoying being WILD and SEXY!  


No one on Gimps Gone Wild is being exploited, each model sought us out and sent us the pictures/videos that are featured on the site, each one has decided they want to show their inner beauty as well as outer!  Each model has a great self confidence and truly loves to show it!


Each model has their own unique look.  We have something for everyone! Our models showcase styles anywhere from casual to very sexy, to nude and/or explicit. 


Who am I?

I'm Kitten. I'm 43, I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bones), I'm 3'4" and use a wheelchair . GGW was created, founded, managed and run soley by myself for over a decade now.  I even model on here too :)


Why Adult Modeling?



 We believe that disabled individuals can be just as sexy as non-disabled individuals.  For centuries, the disabled  has been seen as weak, sickly, vulnerable, childlike, non-sexual beings that need to be taken care of.  When in fact  we are independent, feeling, intelligent creatures that have the same desires needs and wants as anyone else.   

There are enough magazines movies and other forms of media that focus on the 'goody goody' side of the disabled, we wanted to focus on the fun, wild, and sexy exciting side, yes there is such a side!!  Society is so afraid to mix sex and the handicapped, that no one will touch the concept, well I did, and have been for over a decade now and won't ever stop!!  We even have been featured a lot in the media; such as magazines, TV, Radio, and books!


I have tried doing the 'goody goody' modeling sites in the past, 2 sites in fact, and guess what?... hardly anyone wanted to model for them  and not even one person wanted to view the material, so I stuck to what works, what people seem to want and it has been quite successful for over a decade.  I'll leave the goody goody to the Miss Wheelchair America pageants, lol , but zzzzzzzz


So about 12 years ago and because of societies lame view of the disabled, I created GGW.  I wanted a sanctuary to express ourselves in a sensual way, to seen as sexy and to be seen as adults!    



Why 'Gimp'?  

We chose to name the site, Gimps Gone Wild, as a play on words. The word gimp has had a bad connotation for decades and we wanted to take it back, reclaim it and make it into meaning something positive and fun, not negative and lame.  In my circle of  friends, we use  it is a slang word used in humor. Words are meant by HOW they are said, not the word itself, so we wanted to change the meaning of 'gimp'.


We feel if you can’t laugh at yourself and only take everything seriously, what is the point of living? We also run the site another humorous way to use the word gimp. It basically pokes fun at the wrong and ignorant ways society sees us.


Our Ideaology:

Bear Claw



We created GGW as an outlet for the disabled person to express himself or herself with out having to be scrutinized and judged by what society deems as ‘beautiful’. Here they can be free, feel sexy and beautiful and have adoring fans that admire them for their individual beauty, rather then see them as some freak or torn apart for their flaws that other forms of media may have done.   


Many times we have been accused of this site as being exploitive and naming it wrong because it contains persons with physical limitations, and may feel that the models are unable to think for themselves and are unable to make adult decisions. Usually these types of people are uncomfortable with disabled people and do not view them as adults and able to make an educated decision, they see them as children or second class citizens and are the same types that want them to be placed in institutions and not be seen or heard from.  

Its time to break down these barriers and take a stand as being seen as adults, not looked upon as second class citizens, children or invalids.



What we sell and how to order: 

 Models on this site mainly sell photo sets. Some of them choose to sell video clips, web cam live shows sessions, phone sessions, articles of clothing and other merchandise, calendars and/or prints. Choose the model you like in order to see what they offer, every model offers something different.  The site is mainly on-line, but sometimes a model will sell a physical item such as a article of clothing or some disability related item


Ordering is very easy!!



If you do not receive your order within 24 hours please use the email address to let us know, make sure you have your receipt number available for proof of purchase.


****TO ORDER   All our orders are through a 'donation' type button.  To purchase an item, just click the 'donation' button beneath the photo set/video/item of your choice and follow the easy instructions.   It will ask you the '$ amount' please type in the $ amount (Price will be right above the donate button). For example if you want to purchase a model's club page..a donation button will be underneath , you will click 'donation', enter the amount the club (4.95) and then proceed with entering your credit card info and continue checking out.


****IMPORTANT: After payment goes through, please EMAIL me to let me know what you purchased and once I see everything matches up (price and what you claim to order) I will send out the order)


**** Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.  I have been having merchant processing problems for the past 6 months and this is the only way I can keep GGW up and running....its either this way or shut down GGW entirely and I really would hate to do that to my models. 


Once the confirmation email is sent to me of a purchase and you let me know what you paid for, I will manually send you what you ordered.  Photo sets are sent as a link, to the email address that you used in purchasing with the donation button of the online payment service.  Once confirmed, Videos are sent via a site called, and a notification will be sent to your email address (the one that you used for the online payment service), once the video is ready for download. 


If the payment service we have is not an option for you, please let us know, we can take payments by pay pal, email us for that. 





For webcam/phone sessions, once purchase is made, I notify the model with the email address of your choice so they can set up the day and time of session with you. 

For clothing and other items that the model sells, I notify the model of the shipping address of your choice once purchase is made. They then ship it out to you. 

 To contact us, please use the email address

If you do not get a response from us, PLEASE check your spam/bulk folder, yahoo emails tend to end up there.



Modeling for GGW


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