If you are currently a model on this site, PLEASE email me, I am updating my address book and lost a lot of email address. I haven't heard from some models in a long time and some no longer respond to old email addresses I have written to...thank you!!



We are looking for new members to join our family!!



Do you think you have the attitude and look to model on GIMPS GONE WILD?  ...GREAT!


We are looking for both male and female models with physical disabilities and/or dwarfism (short stature, I myself am both
disabled and have dwarfism) to join our site!





We like to believe that GGW is just more than just a business, we see our models as our family and be viewed as the beautiful, wonderful, unique people they are!

We are seeking disabled and/or short statured individuals, that have confidence and a sense of sensuality.

They should express the image of active, happy, positive individuals. Personality is as important

 as physical beauty, this is how GGW rises above the others. We are not focused on the traditional society's view of what's attractive, it's more about the attitude and sensuality of the model, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!


We take both men and women!!!

 ***If you refer a model that we accept and officially joins, you will receive 10% of all sales of their 1st gallery

(photoset and/or video), receive their referred model's 1st gallery or set free


How modeling works overview:




Once accepted, the model will receive a 'word' attachment via email complete with information on how modeling works and what they need to get started.

All models must be able to send in the photographs/videos to be used on the site, location is not a factor, no traveling is involved,

we work via the web, we have models from all around the world!

We sell photo sets as online 'Galleries'.  Models send in their photo sets via email.  They also can sell videos too or instead of photo sets if they wish.


Price of galleries/videos will be based on content, quality and number of photos or length of video. 

They can model anything from swimsuit,  lingerie, semi-nudes, full nudes and/or explicit sexual acts if they choose. 


This is a no pressure site and the models expression and attitude is what's important.

OPTIONAL: Models can also offer web cam shows, videos, props, video clips, voice clips if preferred, but not mandatory.

Models now receive 70% commission (instead of the 50% other sites offer) of all sales they make.



***Please look over the site before applying, some people just blindly apply to GGW without knowing what it is about.

Serious inquiries only! 

What you need to do to apply


If interested, please email us at gimpsgonewild@gmail.com  the following:

  • *Clear Full body shot (g-rated is fine, meaning clothed, nudity is not mandatory)

  • *Clear Face shot

  • *Name, 1st name is sufficient

  • *Disability

  • *Age (must be 18 or older) and yes we do take people of all ages, so don't think you are too old!! We have models 60 years and older.

  • *Location, state or country (if outside of USA is fine)

  • *How you heard of us (which message board or forum), just curious of how we reach the community, and will help in advertising and increasing sales!

    ***We do not need detailed information in application, we DO NOT sell or give out email addresses or any other information to 3rd parties or send out spam ourselves. All advertising we do is via the yahoo groups, face book and twitter.


  • If you do not get a response from us, PLEASE check your spam/bulk folder, many emails tend to end up there, we answer EVERY application :)

Please do not apply if you cannot email  photos, a description of yourself is not sufficient. 



 Getting PAID!! 

We use pay pal.com to pay our models each Sunday. 


 This is the 64,000 dollar question...lol...how much can you expect to make? 



 We price each photo set/video differently, price is based on the model, how she/he looks, their disability

(yes some disabilities are more popular than others), type of gallery (content meaning nudes, non nudes etc),

number of photos in the set or length of the video and the quality of sets and vids, blurry dark pics and vids won't

be as priced as high as clear high resolution pics and videos that have good lighting.  You won’t get rich off modeling,

no site can make you rich, but you will be able to make some extra cash for spending money.



The sexier the gallery, the more chances of sales.  Many fans also like ‘disability’ type galleries/videos as well; photos of a

model using their wheelchair and/or crutches, transferring, performing daily activities (such as dressing, showering, putting on braces housework, etc) in the photos etc. Feet, casts and braces are a big request too.


X-Rated Alexis



Please serious inquiries only!

We have had people apply, we say yes and then never hear back, please let us know, either way, whether you are interested or not after applying, it's just common courtesy.


Thank you and looking forward to working with you!!

To receive updates please join




 To contact us, please use the email address  gimpsgonewild@gmail.com

If you do not get a response from us, PLEASE check your spam/bulk folder, yahoo emails tend to end up there.

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