This page contains a listing of items that use to be on GGW but some how got lost over the years. If you have anything listed below PLEASE let me know. Anyone sending lost stuff will receive a free photoset of their choice.


I am also missing some models' email addresses too so please contact me with your email address

If you are a model listed below PLEASE email me if you have the following.


I need the following:

Baby Doll:    G3 Lust in Leopard

Nina:   G2 Chick in Charge and Club page

Shadow Goddess:   G2

Merbaby : G1

Dirty Danny Boy: G1

English Gent G1 and Club

Lightening: g2 and G4 and club

Sport Billy: Club page & G1

Strappy: v7, v8 and all sets

Nemo: Club, sets, vids

Bobby: Club






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